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Welcome to Green Faerie Apothecary

Welcome to Green Faerie Apothecary

Welcome to Green Faerie ApothecaryWelcome to Green Faerie Apothecary

About Our Absinthe

How to Make Absinthe

Absinthe is Traditionally  served in a very high proof alcohol and tastes like Black Licorice.  Green Faerie Apothecary gives you the opportunity to make your own Absinthe. You get to control the Proofage, the potency and the flavor.  With this you can be in charge every step of the way.
How to make Absinthe: Your Absinthe kit comes with a tea bag and a Ziploc bag full of herbs. In addition you will need:

  • One fifth (750 ml) alcohol your choice- preferably a cheap brand (any alcohol over . 
  • A quart sized mason jar (or for an extra $5 you can get a mason jar from me)

* First, pour the herbs into the tea bag and make a sachet. Next place the sachet in the mason jar.*Then fill the mason jar with your 750 ml bottle of alcohol.* Finally, wait AT LEAST 14-21 days to drink your Absinthe.  Absinthe gets better with age. The longer it steeps, the better it gets. 3 months is really a 'complete' steep, at which point the flavours are fully infused and the absinthe will not change as rapidly as it did in the beginning. This is a tincture or Czech method, it is not distilled so it will not louche. But you control the flavour, the potency and the strength.Your Absinthe will remain the proof you choose for it to be. You can use any hard alcohol, spirit, or wine if it is over 14% alcohol.  The longer you steep your Absinthe it will become more potent and the flavours will infuse together better as well as become more mellow and less bitter. Since wormwood is a bitter herb it will always have a bitter taste, which is why it is important to add sugar to your Absinthe by the glass. Sweeten each glass and add water to the glass.   Traditionally Absinthe is prepared as: 1 shot absinthe, 1 shot ice water and sugar cubes to taste. It is a drink that is meant to be sipped and enjoyed, not taken by the shot.  European Absinthe averages 174 proof and is never sold below 160, while American absinthe is never sold above 145 proof. This is because European wormwood can be mildly hallucinogenic when combined with alcohol above 150 proof in people who are especially sensitive. 


What Will I Drink My Absinthe In?

Suggested Alcohol Pairings

Traditional: The Classic flavours of Star Anise and Fennel seed pair to form the distinctive black licorice  “Absinthe” flavour in the Traditional Absinthe Kit. It pairs well with clear alcohols and Spiced Rum.

Rogue: Hibiscus flowers and Lavender combine for a traditional “Red” absinthe.  This is our most versatile Absinthe, pairing well with ALL alcohols, especially Honey, clear alcohol, wine, tequila and Rum (the sweeter the better)

Spiced Orange: This is our “Christmas Absinthe”. The Spiced Orange is best served Warm, and pairs best with Red Wine or Rum.  To serve Warm- use a crock pot and instead of steeping 14 days cook on LOW or WARM (never above 190 degrees) for 4 hours and serve. 

Orange-Creme: This Absinthe is a classic 19th century Orange with Tahitian Vanilla beans.  It is best with Whiskey, Bourbon or anything barrel cured.  If using Barrel cured wine remember to make sure your wine is at least 14% ABV

Elderflower: Flavoured with real Elderberry flowers, this is the taste of Europe. Elderberry has a delicate, Champagne-like taste and pairs well with clear alcohols, citrus, tequila or wine. 

Root Beer: Root beer is made with Sassafras and Sarsaparilla. This flavour is reminiscent of old-fashioned root beer and tastes very much like some of the drinks available at liquor stores today, depending on the alcohol that you choose to add.  I like to add flavoured alcohols, but I find it is especially tasty with Rums, Vodkas and Whiskeys, though it is all a matter of taste. 

= These are only suggestions, if you have an alcohol you would like to try, go for it!